Terrapin Creek – County Road 8 to Ellisville

Alabama Scenic River Trail

Dogs Allowed

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The Terrapin is twisty and quick with plenty of shoals, rocks and whitewater spots to make for a few fun hours and long enough for a multi-day trip. Paddling normally begins at the CR 49 Bridge in Borden Springs. This fairly swift stretch takes out at Chief Ladiga Campground at Vigo. Paddlers just below this point should be prepared for up to Class III whitewater. The CR 70 Bridge near Piedmont is the next takeout just a few miles below. Between CR 70 and Stewarts Bridge at CR 8 is a developed put-in at the Piedmont Water Treatment Plant. Beware of a concrete dam here. The run below Stewarts Bridge is served by a number of outfitters. Plan your trip: Put in at Stewart Bridge where it crosses Terrapin on County Road 8 off Highway 9 just above Piedmont for about a six hour float down to the outfitters when the level is good. When there isn’t a decent flow in this area, put in at the outfitters and take out in Ellisville. If the flow is great, put in at the County Road 49 Bridge in Borden Springs and take out at Chief Ladiga Trail Campground. If you go past that, be prepared for up to Class III whitewater. Courtesy, Alabama Scenic River Trail

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Terrapin Creek – County Road 8 to Ellisville | Trail length: 12.3 miles | Latitude: 33.978967 | Longitude: -85.601691 | Nearest Cities: Piedmont

Activities Available: Fishing | Paddling
Amenities Available: Dogs Allowed