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Blount County Palisades Park offers a relaxing atmosphere with scenic views atop of Ebell Mountain. The park has been enjoyed by visitors since November of 1973. The 100 acre park is owned by Blount County and is one of Blount County’s “best kept secret.”

A paved loop road runs through the park, and there is ample parking.  Off the ridge in the northern portion of the park is a nature trail, marked by a red gate. The trail winds through low, thick growth, and is good for typical woodland birds and nice views.

Palisades Park is located in the foothills of the Southern Appalachians. The Appalachian Mountains stretch from Maine to north central Alabama. The great mountain range was raised up from seabed crustal upthrusts that occurred over 200 million years ago during the late Paleozoic Era. Evidence of Palisades Park’s seabed origins is clear in the sandstone and limestone rock formations with embedded marine fossils. These rock formations are the base upon which lays the thin mantle of soil covering Palisades Park. Courtesy, Blount County Parks and Recreation.

In addition to hiking and walking, Palisades Park is an outstanding birding destination throughout the year. Its altitude – the highest point for miles in any direction – makes it a good place to see migrant songbirds in spring and fall. Sitting atop a rocky ridge, it overlooks Oneonta and much of Blount County.  The rocky ridge produces thermals that provide lift for migrating hawks and vultures, particularly in fall migration. Learn more about birding the area here.

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Palisades Park | Trail length: 1.8 miles | Latitude: 33.988509 | Longitude: -86.458203 | Nearest Cities: Oneonta

Activities Available: Birding | Fishing | Hiking | Road Biking | Walking
Amenities Available: Benches | Dogs Allowed | Drinking Water | Picnic Tables | Stroller Friendly | Wheelchair Accessible

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