Narrows Ridge Loop Trail at Turkey Creek

Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

Mountain Biking
Dogs Allowed

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Narrows Ridge Loop Trail is a professionally designed and built trail that is open to mountain bikers and hikers. Starting at the Blue Hole, this path follows the Narrow Ridge along beautiful rock across towering mountain long-leaf pine forests and loops back down to the Blue Hole to complete a loop.
Difficulty: Moderate, contains uneven surfaces and moderate elevation
Length: 3.2 miles
Mountain biking, Hiking, Dogs allowed, birding.

About Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

The TCNP’s 5 trails provide plenty of opportunity for recreation, exercise, research, and education. Information about the trails, including difficulty, length, and what user group each trail is open to is provided at any of the Kiosk (i) located within the Preserve. The trails can be hiked individually, or can be combined into one long connected trail through use of the paved access road that traverses the Preserve.

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Narrows Ridge Loop Trail at Turkey Creek | Trail length: 3.2 miles | Latitude: 33.701783 | Longitude: -86.692241 | Nearest Cities: Pinson

Activities Available: Birding | Hiking | Mountain Biking
Amenities Available: Dogs Allowed

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