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The McClellan Multi-Use Trails include the first Phase I trails in Alabama built specifically for middle and high school bike racers. There are a total of three phases of difficulty across 18 miles of scenic, forested trails, making them the perfect setting for biking, hiking, walking, and running. Leashed pets are welcome too! The trails have seasonal hours, 6am-5pm (October-March) and 6am-7:30pm (April-September), and can be accessed via Lake Yahou Park or the trailhead on BG DH Stem Ave, Anniston, AL. 

Trail Descriptions:

Reveille – HIKE/BIKE – 0.96mi
Ride this entrance trail early enough in the morning and you may hear the namesake call to wake up! This rolling trail climbs through many turns, eventually connecting into the WAC loop.

Retreat – HIKE/BIKE – 1.33mi
If you’re exiting on this trail around 5pm you may hear the namesake call to end the day and pay respects. This rolling trail descends from the WAC loop back to the trailhead through beautiful ridges and valleys.

WAC – HIKE/BIKE – 1.37mi
Named for the Women’s Army Corps, founded during World War II and serving until 1978. Fort McClellan served as the home of WAC during its years of service. The WAC loop circles the ridge between the two old tank roads, providing connections further south and enjoyable contour trails.

2-Star Betty – HIKE/BIKE – 0.73mi
Major General Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Clarke was the first female 2-star general in the U.S. Army, the last director of WAC, and subsequently became the first female to command a major military installation: Fort McClellan. 2-Star Betty plays along the lower slopes of Baltzell Mountain, tying into the WAC loop on the east and west.

CC Sykes – HIKE/BIKE – 1.29mi
CC Sykes came to Anniston more than a century ago from Atlanta and established one of the city’s first bike shops, opening C.C. Sykes’ Bicycle Hospital in 1896. Sykes dom­inated the bicycle market: selling bikes, repairing bikes, teaching bike mechanics in Calhoun County for nearly five decades, as a black man in the then segregated south. This flowing, more difficult trail has some great climbs and a re­warding view, something we think C.C. would’ve enjoyed.

Freedom Rider – HIKE/BIKE – 0.32mi
Freedom Riders were civil rights activists who rode interstate buses into the segregated Southern United States. In 1961, one of these buses was attacked and firebombed just a few miles outside of Anniston, which set the stage for massive legislative change. Enjoy this narrower, more difficult trail and be sure to visit the Freedom Riders Mon­ument in downtown Anniston to learn from an important piece of history.

Sloan’s Furnace – BIKE ONLY – 0.79mi
Sloan (Boo) Harmon was born on Halloween in 1999. Sloan was shot and killed on November 5, 2019. Sloan was a crew chief on the KC135 Stratotank­er Aerial Refueler in the Alabama Air National Guard, and he was a proud member of Cheaha Mountain Bike Team and their 2018 Alabama State Championship Team. Sloan loved Jesus, his family, his country, crewing and flying airplanes, and riding and racing mountain bikes. Enjoy Sloan’s Furnace in his honor, the easiest gravity bike-only run at McClellan!

Sunset Hill – HIKE/BIKE – 0.93mi
The small hill provides a great way to gain elevation on a nice, easy, fun trail. Bike or walk to the top for a unique open forest. Walkers should be prepared to complete the loop, as Sloan’s Furnace and Freefall are bike-only descents.

Wigleyville – HIKE/BIKE – 0.53mi
This more difficult trail provides a challenging loop to the east of WAC, it’s sure to put a smile on your face with some punchy sections, turns, and rocks! Take multiple laps and keep the good times coming, then go downtown and high five Wig for his commitment to Anniston and its riding.

Freefall – BIKE ONLY – 0.37mi
To move under the force of gravity alone, what a wonderful feeling! This gravity bike-only descent is a step up from Sloan’s Furnace, enjoy this trail and thank those responsible for bringing these trails to life!

Yorktown – HIKE/BIKE – 0.50mi
Named in honor of Preston York, who has built many trails locally and far away, including this very trail and many more at McClellan. Say thanks next time you see him and in the meantime, enjoy this fast, more difficult loop inside WAC.

Foxtrot – HIKE/BIKE – 0.3mi
Foxtrot, in conjunction with Lima, Oscar, and Whiskey is the first trail in the FLOW series that uses the military alphabet. Officially known as the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, these military code words have been used by the U.S. and our NATO allies since 1957 to indicate specific letters of the alphabet. Slow and steady wins the race as you foxtrot up this 0.3 mile climb.

Lima – HIKE/BIKE – 0.8mi
Lima, a steady downhill trail, not only represents the letter L in the military alphabet, it also functions as the L in the FLOW trail series. These four trails are a nod to Preston York and his team at FlowMotion Trail Builders, who have helped plot and course many of our trails.

Oscar – HIKE/BIKE – 0.9mi
Along with Foxtrot, Lima, and Whiskey, Oscar is the third trail in the FLOW series, representing O in the military alphabet. Oscar appears in the common military phrase Oscar Mike (OM), which means “on the move” or “on mission.” For this trail, your mission is to overcome the steep 0.9 mile incline to make it safely to the other side.

Whiskey – BIKE ONLY – 1.1mi
Whiskey, which represents the letter W in the military alphabet, completes the FLOW series. Whiskey is truly a buzz of a ride, with a dizzying downhill-only mile drive.

Golden Buck – HIKE/BIKE – 1.2mi
This trail honors Caden “Golden Buck” Goldthwaite, a 2020 graduate of the Lyman Ward Military Academy, who lost his life in a motorcycle accident in April 2021. Caden loved the outdoors and spent most of his time in nature, including fishing and hiking in the area. We hope his memory lives on in this adventurous ride.

UXO – HIKE/BIKE – 1.2mi
Mind the mines! The UXO trail is an explosive downhill ride to Lake Yahou Park, bearing the name for unexploded ordinances left by the military during Fort McClellan’s operation. Keep to the trail for a safe thrill ride!

G.I. Road – HIKE/BIKE – 1.1mi
This 2-track trail connects Whiskey/Oscar to Foxtrot/Lima, featuring a challenging incline or fast descent depending on the direction you ride. Originally used to indicate something was made of galvanized metal, the abbreviation GI was expanded in WWI as a catch-all for anything military-related. Eventually, soldiers began referring to themselves as GIs, spawning the popular G.I. Joe comic series, toys, and movies.

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