Disney Lake / Cane Creek & Mulberry Fork


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Turn right off Massachusetts Ave onto a gravel road ~250ft to the gravel parking area. Plenty of parking for trailers, trucks and cars. There are two accessible parking spaces located near a public restroom. Concrete sidewalk next to a slightly sloping boat ramp to Cane Creek. There is a 40ftx8ft wooden pier at the end of the sidewalk. Operated by AL-DCNR Freshwater Boat Ramps Division and is a boat ramp for power and motor boats.

The Disney Lake Boat Launch is a great place to access the Mulberry Fork for
fishing and paddling opportunities. Power boats, flat-bottom boats, kayaks and
canoes can be launched here. Paddle downstream about .7 miles, passing rock
formations on the right side of Cane Creek, to access the Mulberry Fork. Cane
Creek empties into the Mulberry Fork, a beautiful, wide river with calm water
lined with many different hardwood trees. This is a great float in the fall to
see the fall foliage and change colors of the leaves. Bluffs line the river banks
throughout the paddle down the river to Barney Beach Access Point.

Head downstream to pass underneath the train trestle bridge that crosses the
river. Paddlers, after you pass under Horsecreek Boulevard, keep a watchful eye
for a small inlet on the right side of the river. Paddle into that inlet and weave upstream for another half-mile or so to a large wetland bog. This is known as
“Frog Ague.” The bog is a great place to bird, fish, find reptiles or look for the
county’s oldest and largest snapping turtle. Recent rainfall will allow easier
entry into the wetland area.

After exploring Frog Ague, turn left to head upstream and back to Disney
Lake Boat Launch. Or, turn right to head downstream to Barney Beach
Access Point. Barney Beach Access Point is on the right side of the river,
after you pass under another railroad trestle bridge.

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Disney Lake / Cane Creek & Mulberry Fork | Trail length: 4.2 miles | Latitude: 33.760918 | Longitude: -87.176397 | 205.302.0001 Nearest Cities:

Activities Available: Fishing | Paddling
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